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I’m Taylor. Professional with 11+ years from strategy through execution, technology projects and analytics.

thinkermetrics at tayloroneal . com

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Digital Analytics Instruction

I teach digital analytics at the university level mostly to the creatives, the designers and marketers because I love opening new possibilities and stretching the creatives to have another skill to augment their passion and boost their potential.

On social the Thinker Metrics channel is about bringing thinking about metrics to those of us who are not yet stat nerds or analytics pros. I love helping designers, marketers and general business people go from beginner to proficient, not just learning how to use software and making graphs but having a solid foundation of metrics that matter.

What I teach

Intro to Tableau

Lean Analytics

Metrics that Matter

Social Media data

Web Analytics

My primary function is getting to metrics that matter for digital business. For my class sometimes I do publish inspirations for our exercises on my Tableau Public Page.

Intro to data concepts podcasts are bite sized reading reviews designed for new students.

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