Learn to SCUBA Dive!

Stop watching Blue Planet on Netflix and jump into a lifetime of seeing the rest of the world. Tiny colorful creatures, turtles, anemones, starfish, pufferfish, sea lions and more are out there and you can say hello. There’s something beyond words encountering this other life in a part of the world that is so completely different. At the same time, breathing underwater and becoming neutrally buoyant is a skill that’s super interesting to learn. You go from being an observer of others to a participant.

I fell in love with the underwater world in Maui in 1998 and now I’d love to help you access it, respecting and connecting with nature. I’m sure it will change you and open up new blue opportunities.

PADI Open Water SCUBA Certification

This is the real deal, accepted worldwide, the standard for learning to dive for decades.

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There are three parts;

  • Online e-learning from PADI + in-person instructor quick review
  • Pool (or other confined water like a protected shallow cove) skills over one busy or two slower-paced days
  • 4 Open Water dives over two days (with me or a referral to anywhere in the world and you have 1 year to complete)

You will be certified for life (though I recommend a refresher if it’s been a year or two).

I don’t do large classes. They will be small private sessions (1 to 5 people) only for a high touch, fun, amazing experience that will set you up to be a good diver for life.

Tasters. Not sure you want to jump right in? Two great options for the curious. With just the basics we can get in the water quickly and feel out what it’s like. We’ll be in very small numbers and closely connected.

  • Discover SCUBA Dive Pool Session
  • Discover SCUBA Dive Open Water (up to 40 feet max)



  • High quality: Masks, Snorkels, Fins
  • BCD Vest (buoyancy compensating device)
  • Regulators (primary and secondary air)
  • Taylor to rent as it requires certification
    • Tank/Air Fills

Rentals/Or Purchase needed by you

  • SCUBA booties (need shoes to put in fins)
  • Wetsuit (3mm for the pool, 7mm for Puget Sound or ask if other destination)
  • Weights (will discuss as part of course)