Taylor is many things, a guide to all things business strategy, technology, outdoors and development focused.

He’s most alive collaborating to and pulling a team together to make stuff happen. Creating high performing, fun cultures and launching products or delivering clever solutions.

He has 11+ years experience consulting and working across many industries and functions for clients from small social media platform startup to being a part of a 400,000 person company. He knews the advantages and disadvantages of both and how to succeed in any environment.

If you want credentials for ye olde check box, he’s got those (masters in information systems, and an MBA in strategic management/innovation), certifications in project management, product managment, scrum, etc. Comfortable in Tableau, presenting in a conference room, conversating at conference, call center or a factory floor.

As Teacher of Digital Analytics at University

Truthfully, I wouldn’t have powered through the way I have without a professor who truly takes the time to explain and elaborate on class material. I am incredibly grateful for that, and I can honestly say I am walking away with so much knowledge than I ever could have imagined. Thank you for everything this semester!”

As e-commerce consulting leader:

Taylor is a hyper-focused leader who innovates very rapidly and brings products to market quickly. He is not afraid to fail fast and forward to ultimately reach the end goal – solutions that resonate with his clients and their customers.

Let’s build something together.